El secreto... congelar el paso del tiempo

    The secret is... to freeze the passage of time


    El secreto... congelar el paso del tiempo

    GLACÉE Skincare incorporates in its active agents different Growth Factors that boost the continuous renovation of the dermis and epidermis, making the skin to look moisturized and rejuvenated.                

    Strong and elastic skin is nurtured thanks to Growth Factors and Peptides included in its formulae, due to an induction of collagen and elastin synthesis.

    GLACÉE Skincare is formulated with the latest PATENT registered by Laboratorio Heber FarmaThis patent consists of the channeling of Growth Factors in microspheres which make the active agents stay stable until their use, ensuring correct dosage to the deeper layers of the skin.

    GLACÉE Skincare teaches the skin how to think, helping it to produce a greater quantity of Collagen, Elastin, and Hyaluronic Acid. Moreover, it combines a mixture of amino acids and moisturizing agents which recuperates the skin’s capacity for rehydration.

    Within the GLACÉE Skincare collection, specific products for all kinds and age of skin can be found.

    GLACÉE combina en la misma fórmula más de un Péptido y un Factor de Crecimiento
    Cubriendo todas las necesidades de la piel
    GLACÉE combines in the same formula, more than one peptide and one Growth Factor covering thus all the skin needs


    Nuestras joyas / Our jewels

    Reti+ Creams
    Contour-K Creams
    Antiox-C Creams
    Gen Adn Creams
    Redensificante (Redensifying) Creams
    Dinamizante (Dynamising) Creams
    Hidrorrevitalizante (Hydro-revitalising) Creams
    Serum Triple Acción (Triple Action Serum) Serum
    Vive y comparte tu experiencia única con GLACÉE Skincare
    y obtén una rápida reestructuración de las capas de la piel
    Live and share your Glacée Skincare experience
    and get a rapid restructuring of skin layers


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